Alien Cine is a collection of cinema professionals with perfectionist tendencies who work off the beaten path. We love finding new and exciting ways to add dynamic motion to productions of all kinds. We love solving problems and collaborating with directors to help tell stories better. We move cameras with a variety of MOVI stabilized mounts, from super low angle motion with our TERO vehicles to intimate, low altitude aerials with high performance drones to get compelling shots and dynamic action that can not be done other ways. We specialize in safely and reliably flying the ARRI Alexa Mini and RED Epic Dragon with FIZ control and lens choices ranging from Ultra Primes, Master Primes, and Cooke miniS4s to Leica Summicrons and Canon L glass. We also fly the Canon C series, Sony F series, various DSLRs and other compact camera systems. No matter which system we are using, our array of customized and finely tuned gimbals capture beautifully smooth footage directly from the camera without need for post stabilization. Our extensive experience behind the camera and flying drones ensures true safety and efficient operation on set in demanding environments. We are FAA certified pilots and fully authorized to operate drones commercially on motion picture sets. We work with production companies and agencies from all over the world to help make the impossible happen, realize client visions and add real value to every job.